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Hello, I’m kat, the manager of ‘kat’s blog.’

This time I would like to explain how to use a programing tool called ‘’
This programing tool is used in my serialized article, ‘Programming for Kids and Above.

It’s very easy, so please try it.

The programming language we will use this time

This time we will use the following programming language to write out a program.


Display the website

First let’s click on the following button, and display the website.

paiza website

If the screen shown below is displayed it is a success.

Choose the programming language

First choose the programming language to use.

Check to make sure that the button on the top left is showing as ‘PHP’.

If it hasn’t changed, choose ‘PHP’.

Execute the program

Without further ado, let’s start programing!

Move the cursor to where the background is black, and enter the source code(program).

This time, we’ll be writing out the program below.


// display letters
echo 'Hello World!';

After writing in the source code, click the ‘Run’ button like the following image.

Then the result will be displayed.

If letters saying ‘Hello World!’ are displayed in the result area, it is a success!

Final thoughts

How was it?

It was very easy, wasn’t it?

This is a rather advanced step, but a server needs to be created in order to do programing.

And within the server that was created the programing is done.

Usually one needs to create a server inside his/her computer, but for ‘Programming for Kids and Above‘ we put more emphasis on trying programing out, so we will be doing the programing on a website like, which we covered this time, that already has a server that is complete.

If any of you are interested, please try looking up the necessary information and make a server on your own.

That’s all for ‘How to use!’

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