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What is Programming? [Programming for Kids and Above # 1]

Hello, I’m kat, the manager of ‘kat’s blog.’

Finally, starting in 2020, programming classes will be compulsory even for elementary school students.

Going ahead of this, even in ‘kat’s blog,’ I decided to create a series titled, ‘Programming for Kids and Above‘.

The content is beneficial for not only elementary school students, but also for adults who are planning to start programming, so please feel free to take a look!

What is Programming?

First of all, I’ll be explaining about, what is programming?

Programming refers to writing orders for computers, in a language that is understandable to computers.

And, the language that can be understood by computers is called programming language.

Just like languages that we use everyday, such as Japanese, English, and Korean, there are many types of languages when it comes to programming languages, like C language, PHP, and JAVA.

Computers which we use on a daily basis operate using programs written in languages like these.

Moreover, programs are working not only inside computers, but also inside the miniature computers of smartphones and gaming consoles, as well.

When doing different tasks, humans tend to make mistakes or forget certain things, however, because computers work exactly as they are ordered to, they do not make mistakes or forget things.

Computers can solve difficult calculations under one second.

I believe among those reading this article, there are some readers who feel that programming is difficult. However, I strongly believe that when actually creating and operating programs, even such readers will feel that programing is fun!

I hope that this series can help those who wish to become programmers even in the slightest way.

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